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The roofing specialists at A Top Roofing & Construction always provide the most impressive roofing solutions for all of their Howell, NJ area clients' needs. No matter what kind of damage needs to be assessed or what type of replacements performed, a roofer from this contractor always strives to guarantee customer satisfaction.

Unbeatable workmanship and roofers
  • A Top Roofing, the Howell, New Jersey roofing contractors, take pride in the work that they perform. They guarantee a high quality installation every time, no matter the type of job or nature of the damage. They are ready to perform the toughest jobs that other roofing companies stay away
  • Roofing contractors with A Top Roofing who specialize in roofing are highly courteous and understanding. These roofers know how difficult it can be for the homeowner to deal with rooftop damage, and they are always there to help and provide quality peace of mind before and after every installation.
  • A Top Roofing has experience working with homeowners insurance companies for restoration of damaged roofs causing water damage. We can itemize everything from the asphalt shingles, gutters, and fascia to the cleanup and debris removal.
Knowledgeable roofing contractors
  • This Howell roofing company only works with certified and licensed experts in the roofing field. They make sure that each professional roofer is highly knowledgeable and experienced before they consider working with them.
  • This group has been active in the industry for several years. These roofers understand their clients and are quick to answer any concerns. Customers are always pleased to talk with such polite and helpful professionals and find the answers they are looking for from an expert roofer.
  • These experts always make sure to use the latest and most advanced installation procedures. They make sure to minimize all damage as soon as possible to ensure that every installation is as the customer would like.
  • The company only ever uses the most reliable materials and equipment to help every job last. New installations and repair procedures alike are treated with the utmost care, and materials are secured reliably, making sure that they provide the homeowners with the exact level of service they desire.

The roofing experts at A-Top Roofing of Howell NJ can assist you with any questions regarding residential roofing, siding, windows or water damage.

A-Top Roofing & Construction
A-Top Roofing : Helped me notice water damage!

When I noticed moisture accumulating on my ceiling, I knew something was wrong. I called this Howell roofing company immediately, and I was pleased with the prompt response time. A professional roofer from this roofing company came when they said they would and helped me understand why my home had water damage while they quickly fixed the problem!

near Howell,NJ. 5 star rating Overall Experience 5/5
Reinforcing the flashing

Sometimes even the most efficient repairs performed in Howell may need a second look by roofing contractors. Water damage is one of the biggest concerns that homeowners face, resulting in the assistancw roofing companies who can help. Not only can the sudden appearance of moisture in the attic damage the roof's foundation, but it could also threaten the home by developing into mold and mildew. One of the classic solutions that this roofing company employs is reinforcing the flashing in a roof. The roofers apply an additional section of flashing known as counterflashing to cover whatever weak points the original layer may have had. The professionals sometimes go a step further and install an underlayment to provide the roof's deck with even more protection. Customer satisfaction is always this roofing companies aim, so they make sure to do the job as correctly and efficiently as possible before future problems have the chance to develop.

Solutions for all roofing concerns from a trusted roofing company.

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A-Top Roofing can assist you with roofing, siding, windows, mold and water damage in Howell NJ and these areas:

  • Colts Neck, NJ
  • Point Pleasant, NJ
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